New Year, New Me. No, Seriously, I mean it.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

By Etin Obaseki

Yes. This is exactly what you feared it would be: An article about how I am now magically transformed by the completion of the Earth’s solar cycle.

No, really, don’t be elitist. Let people enjoy things. Hope is an important part of the human condition and if a new year gives us that, then I don’t think there’s a problem.

Here are the things I intend to differently in the new year:

1. Stop saying “like” so much

A terribly annoying verbal tick I picked up in the last 24 months or so, it’s a habit I desperately need to get rid of. It’s affected my spoken English terribly and has begun to creep into my writing.

It’s reached a point where it’s become something I’m known for. No, thank you.

I intend to drop the habit entirely and reach my ‘pre-like’ levels of oral and written excellence by the end of March.

2. Take Measured and Considered Decisions

In the new year, I’ll be a bit less impulsive and not take as many whimsical flights of fancy.

I had to be restrained several times from quitting my job in a fit of pique throughout the year. I needed to, and I eventually did, but the manner and timing was important as well

I’m grateful to all the people who stopped me from taking that decision rashly.

In the new year, you won’t have to do it as much, I hope. 😅

3. Make Less Commitments

I’m beginning to develop a reputation as someone who says they’ll do something at a certain time and simply doesn’t deliver.

I unreservedly apologize to all the people who fall into this category. All I can promise is to try to do better.

I allowed myself get overwhelmed too many times. As such, I will be far more selective with the professional commitments I make so that I can dedicate quality time to doing and delivering good work.

4. Allow Myself Relax

I’m going to take a lot of naps this year. I’m going to take relaxing walks and deep breaths.

The gains from cranking up the pressure and tension is now far outweighed by the loss in efficiency so I will no longer be actively pursuing that strategy.

5. Eat Iron

I’ll do my best to eat healthy food. It won’t always be possible, but I can cut certain things out of my diet entirely.

Additionally, I’ll start exercising weekly at least. .

I’ll do stretches every night before bed like ‘Bo says I should. She says the stretches can give me another inch. I haven’t grown taller in nearly 5 years, I think, so I’m curious to see if it works.

Additionally, the stretches help me relax and correct my posture.

Need to look the part of a moderately successful young man, so no more slouching, sadly.

6. Finish Projects I Start

I’ll be upfront, this simply won’t work all the time, but I’ll try to take them all to a reasonable level from where it can be picked up by someone else who has an interest in it.

I’m doing some of my ideas a disservice by not birthing them to maturity.

Collaborating more would help to keep me accountable as well while fostering relationships.

7. Stay Reachable

Throughout half of 2019, I was almost completely unreachable. Went without a mobile phone and went off most social media and messaging platforms.

In hindsight, it likely wasn’t the best strategy. Hence, I’ll ditch it in favour of finding more reasonable ways to stay in touch without getting overwhelmed.

And that, folks is my plan to have a great year.