The Diary Memoirs of Etin Obaseki


Case Notes

  1. FutureFeatures: YouTube Music Custom Play Queue Behaviour

    Wednesday, December 2, 2020

    How I Built

    Walking through a custom play queue behaviour setting for YouTube Music and other music streaming apps

  2. What is a Dev Environment? Structures, Mechanisms & Policies

    Saturday, September 26, 2020


    A discussion about development environments and a model for understanding what makes it up

  3. Learning On The Job While Unemployed

    Sunday, August 2, 2020

    Better Processes

    Here’s my personal guide to making the best of an unemployed period by keeping your skills sharp and your networks growing.

  4. A Note To Engineering: In The Face Of Adversity

    Tuesday, May 26, 2020

    Better Processes

    As we engineer solutions to different problems and in different systems, we must continuously improve the level of efficiency of existing solutions even as we face new challenges.

  5. Deep Dive into The Laravel Artisan file

    Tuesday, May 19, 2020


    The artisan file is used by everyone who builds with the Laravel Framework. This article takes a look at each line of the file and what it does.

  6. Running Scheduled Firebase Functions Locally

    Friday, May 15, 2020


    How do we run Firebase Scheduled Functions locally? I struggled with this because I didn’t read the docs. Hope this helps.

  7. Gitpodifying a new Laravel Application

    Tuesday, May 12, 2020


    A guide to Gitpodifying your Laravel applications and making them ready to code right from your Github repo.

  8. If vs Ternary vs Switch-Case for conditionals

    Tuesday, May 5, 2020


    The switch statement is available in most C-style languages and could be a more readable alternative to ifs and ternary operators.

  9. Feature Roadmap for Etin’s Notes

    Wednesday, April 29, 2020

    How I Built

    A list of features I plan to implement on my blog. Will be updated regularly.

  10. The Pain of Multimedia in HTML Emails

    Tuesday, April 28, 2020

    Better Processes

    Emails are notoriously hard to make look good. Media & effects are a definite no. Or is it? This talk explores the use of media content in HTML emails.

  11. Database Operations on the Firebase Realtime Database using the JS SDK

    Tuesday, April 21, 2020


    A useful reference on how to perform CRUD actions on the Firebase Realtime Database using the Firebase JS SDK

  12. Building Random Ideas

    Saturday, April 18, 2020

    How I Built

    To flesh out my portfolio, I’ll be building out a few simple ideas I have. I’ll discuss the ideas and their implementation here.

  13. A Note To Engineering

    Saturday, April 11, 2020

    Better Processes

    As a pioneering member of the Amoré Engineering Team, I have written a note both to myself and future members of the team to remind us of the importance of the task we have been given and the quality we must deliver.

  14. Maybe I’m finally doing it?

    Thursday, April 2, 2020

    Etin's Space

    When I was younger, whenever I got asked my life goal or long term plan it was always some variant of “change the world”. I reflect on how I might have started to do that in small ways.

  15. The Opportunity Cost of Non-functional Requirements

    Wednesday, March 18, 2020


    Satisfying the quality attributes of our software can have unintended side effects on other non-functional requirements. Properly thinking about them at architecture level can alleviate the problem.

  16. How not to send anxiety inducing emails

    Monday, January 6, 2020

    Better Processes

    Emails remain an important channel for organizations to pass critical information across. Do they have to sound so bad though?

  17. Lengthy Roads While My Heart Makes Music For You

    Sunday, January 5, 2020


    Dear ‘Bo, I wrote you a poem while you travelled.
    I hope you like it and it makes the butterflies flutter.

  18. Why and How I Built Etin.Space

    Saturday, January 4, 2020

    How I Built

    A story of a time when I didn’t know the difference between product designer and frontend engineer. Also, of how I built my website.

  19. 5 Tools that add color to my Web Apps

    Saturday, January 4, 2020

    Better Processes

    I’m bad with colors. It’s one of those facts of Life, sorta how the sky is blue or pigs don’t fly. It’s one of my greatest artistic weakness (along with my inability to draw straight lines). However, humans are not the dominant species on the planet because of their ability or lack thereof, but because […]

  20. New Year, New Me. No, Seriously, I mean it.

    Thursday, January 2, 2020

    Etin's Space

    Yes. This is exactly what you feared it would be: An article about how I am now magically transformed by the completion of the Earth’s solar cycle. No, really, don’t be elitist. Let people enjoy things. Hope is an important part of the human condition and if a new year gives us that, then I […]

  21. The Pains of Plains: Searching for the next Mountain to Conquer

    Tuesday, December 31, 2019

    Etin's Space

    I, like many other humans, immensely enjoy the thrill of beating something, of overcoming an obstacle. Finding obstacles, at times, seems like it’s own obstacle. And to clarify early, it’s not because I’ve conquered all there is to conquer. In fact, I will likely never know the despair that Alexander The Great felt when he […]

  22. Who is Etinosa Obaseki?

    Thursday, December 19, 2019

    Etin's Space

    The question of who I am is one I often struggle with. Over time, the answer has varied a bit, but never, I think to widely away from a few core things.

  23. My Year in Firebase: Experiences with Building & Deploying on the Platform

    Friday, December 6, 2019


    I began using the Firebase platform last year along with a number of other technologies and it has been an interesting ride. I’m going to document my experience here. Love At First Byte?😍 My introduction to Firebase came when, in 2018, I got a gig to add Google Analytics to a web app (I charged […]

  24. Creating for Tomorrow

    Wednesday, December 4, 2019

    Etin's Space

    What do you want to do? I want to build stuff. To create. What would you like to build? The future. I want people, in a few years to say “this, all this is possible because of what Etinosa made”. I know that oblivion is coming, but I don’t want my memory to fade gently […]

  25. SOLID in Laravel: Too Much or Not Enough?

    Tuesday, November 19, 2019


    Inspired by my talk at Laravel Nigeria 2019 on using SOLID with the framework we love. The SOLID Principles generally espouse the practice of loose coupling when building software projects. Your application should outlive any components or parts it’s built from. With frameworks, it can be difficult to adhere to these best practices especially with […]

  26. My Experience with writing HTML Emails

    Wednesday, September 13, 2017


    I wrote my first set of HTML Emails over the weekend; The morale of this story is never to think you’ll have it down in “5 minutes, tops” “Etinosa, we’re going to need to send out our newsletter soon. I’ll need you to come up with a design like this” “Sure. No problem. I’ll give […]

  27. Sometimes, just RESTART

    Thursday, September 7, 2017


    I learnt a really powerful life lesson from a weird Node.js malfunction. Here it is: Prelude I was working late again the other day, and I got hit by a very powerful life lesson: Sometimes, you need to RESTART You need to step back and look at the problem from a different angle.Sometimes, it just isn’t really […]

  28. Hitting The Ground Running: My First Ever Crash

    Sunday, September 3, 2017


    Today, I became a man. No, I didn’t lose my virginity or battle a wild tiger, it was something even grander than that. Today, my servers crashed. Multiple times. But, to tell this story properly, I must start from the beginning. The Prelude I’ve recently gotten a job as a web developer for a new […]