Feature Roadmap for Etin’s Notes

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

By Etin Obaseki

Etin’s Notes is my personal blog. I started building it in November 2019 as part of my learning process.

All the code for this blog is available on GitHub.

I intend to build out a few new features for my blog. In no particular order:


Allow readers sign up to receive articles. They’ll be able to select the categories/tags they’re interested in and only receive posts in that category or with that tag.

Autogenerated Social Image

Similar to what DEV has where it auto generates images that contain the title of the blog post.

The Frontend of my blog is served as a Single Page Application and so this idea might not work until I implement SSR.

SSR for frontend

My blog’s SEO is very poor and on social sites, it doesn’t often render the right meta tags.

SSR will also reduce page loading times on first load.

I’m currently split on the right approach to implement this in.

Build custom post backend

For ease, I set up the blog’s backend in WordPress and consumed the WP-API on the frontend. I’ll replace this with a NodeJS backend that’ll also power other features (such as subscriptions).

Add To Favourites

Give users the ability to add posts to favourites. Do this without requesting login/auth. Collect emails and store user token in cookie. 🤔

Post Recommender

Long term, since I don’t have that many posts right now, but recommend similar posts to users based on what they’ve liked/what they’re currently reading.


Allow readers add comments to posts (using only email address for ID. ID would be the same one used to track favourites)