A Note To Engineering

Saturday, April 11, 2020

By Etin Obaseki

As a pioneering member of the Amoré Engineering Team, I have written a note both to myself and future members of the team to remind us of the importance of the task we have been given and the quality we must deliver.

Dear Engineering Team,

The Quality of the Platform is of utmost importance. We have inherited what is a very good base from which to build something truly special.

I know that it can, sometimes, be very tempting to take a shorter, faster, easier but ultimately lower grade route, especially when the pressure is on and the expectation for immediate results appear.

However, at a time as this, I would like to remind you of your purpose, Engineering. You were created to createTold to tell a story. Invented to produce invention. This is what you must do. You must remember that dogs do not have the same gestation period as elephants.

Nevertheless, you must deliver and deliver now. There is no time to waste. You cannot afford to spend forever working on a single thing. Done is always better than almost done.

Insomuch as you deliver, you must continue to be pregnant. Good work takes time. This is true and you must buy that time for yourself by prototyping and deploying quickly. But, when the time has been bought, it is not time to go to sleep again. Rather, it is time for wakefulness. It is time to engineer.

In summation, my brothers-in-arms, we must never let the quality drop. You, are Atlas, and like the Titan of Greek myth, who was tasked with holding the world up on his shoulders, your shoulders must be heavy with the weight of our quality. I have faith in you.

You will not break.
You will not bend.
You will not falter.

You are Engineering.

– E.O

Originally published on 14/02/2018.