A Note To Engineering: In The Face Of Adversity

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

By Etin Obaseki

My dear Engineering Team,

It is often in times of crisis that the true measure of a person can be taken. When faced with adversity, as we all inevitably will be, how do they respond?

Of course, being human, every so often our faith will waver and our belief in ourselves and our work will be shaken. But more often than not, we must respond as the people I know we are and can be.

We have built remarkable systems considering the limitations providence has imposed on us. In finding our way around these challenges, technical and financial, we have proven our mettle time and again. Unfortunately, a software engineer’s work is never truly done and so, I call upon you, builders of systems, to once again prove your worth to Providence.

The standard of our work has been sufficient for the level we have been at, but it is time to kick on. To scale up. To reach new heights.

We must cut out inefficiencies and build our systems with tomorrow in mind — even as we solve today’s challenges. The next phase of our evolution as a Team will involve rolling out even more complex and challenging projects than we previously worked on and yet, our deadlines will be shorter.

You are already aware that the quality of our platforms cannot be compromised. So how then do we handle this new requirement of faster delivery while maintaining and even exceeding our standards of excellence?

Well, we are Engineers, and we must engineer solutions to this conundrum. I’m excited to see how we solve it.