Building Random Ideas

Saturday, April 18, 2020

By Etin Obaseki

Anyone who’s interacted with me on a semi-regular basis can tell you that I’m a spewer of ideas. In the course of my day to day, I frequently have really good ideas.

Some of them are really grand, world changing things. Most of them are good for a quick laugh and not much else.

But, to quote my friend Dolapo, “Ideas are worthless”.

A great idea isn’t worth all that much if it’s never executed and might prove to have not been that great when put to the test of the market.

I’m famously motivation-shy though and I’ve almost never been able to see out one of my big ideas through to the end.

Mostly because of the complexity involved in them.

I also to need to revamp my portfolio to show how great (I think) I am.

Putting these two together, I’m going to try to come up with simple and easily executable but interesting ideas for projects I can build, along and with others, to showcase on my website.

I’ll update this list as I go along.